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                                           NXLEVEL RECORDING STUDIOS-| 
                             NXLEVEL Recording Studios taking music to the NXLEVEL-                                  |
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Contact the NXLEVEL Street-Team releasing the new and most anticapated hiphop site on the net.   
soon up at:   

(You'll need Real Audio)   
Check the snippets from some NXLEVEL Tracks here:  
       "In 2 U" - Demetrius  
  "The World" - Chris Long 
"The Opposite" - Mathew  HOT!!! 

 NXLEVEL will give out awards for the most dedicated site and for the best designed site starting august:    
   Nominations for the most dedicated:  
            The Elements 
            Lyrics Archive  
            Davey D .Com  
 Nominations for the best designed site:  



     The NXLEVEL mixtape/CD is soon out. No release dates givin out yet. Sometime in August.  

  The old school raper Dana Dane is back and droping this summer.NXLEVEL is going drop the single. The name of the track is called "Get Down"(We will soon put up a snippet of the track)  

The Fever on some new production. His new style is bringin mad flavor. some of his new tracks are soon up! 

Samuel the new member of the NXSQUAD. This kid has real talent. 
"The Fever" is a artist signed on NXLEVEL.Here is a sample of his  work: 

              "Stand for Something" 
Pridgent  featuring habbib da Kamikaze and Samuel 
(SNIPPET)   "What's goin' on?" soon up 
Some Mixed tapes/CD's for sale sold by NXLEVEL:  

             Mix Cd's $15|-||-|Mix Tapes $7   

  • The Dream Team Vol. 47- 5th element|a compilation ($15)on CD
  • Nadanuf-6 A.M. (We Be Rollin')($7)on Tape 
  • VIBE(The Dream Team)- Best of QUEENSBRIDGE pt. 2 ($7)on Tape
  • The SOURCE(Dream Team)- a best sellers hiphop compilation.($7)on Tape 
  • DJ CLUE   


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